I’m Dani Blanchette.  I love photographing animals, nature, travel, and music.   My favourite places are the ones that aren’t in guidebooks – those weird roadside attractions, small town events, and beautiful landscapes away from people and full of wildlife.

GoingNomadic is my photography travel blog.  It focuses on the images you’ll see when you visit places, and the fun things to do in each area that you will only find when you get your nose out of the guidebooks and start exploring. I’ve had articles and photos featured in MSN Money, WorldNomads, TastesLikeRock, Vagabundo Magazine, and Bootsnall.com

I started this site in September of 2011, when I left on a one-way ticket to Caracas, Venezuela.   Ten months later I came back to the USA, and have been spending my time since traveling around capturing the beautiful world we live in.  I’ve been to Kenya, Colombia (multiple times), across the USA, Ontario and for 2016/2017 I’m planning on trips to Suriname, Ecuador (again), Colorado (in September 2016), and hopefully SE Asia in spring of 2017.

I love music, dancing, Star Trek, and any kind of adventurous or adrenaline filled activity.  I’m a bone marrow donor, flown a helicopter, love driving in foreign countries, and will try just about any food put in front of me (I make no promises with balut though).

I consider myself a “horrible tourist” because I refuse to travel with guidebooks and suck at doing the normal “tourist” thing.  Museums and tourist-filled attractions bore me.

I’d much rather make friends with some locals, go to a tiny town block party in the mountains outside Quito, and eat unidentifiable grilled meat on a stick while drinking some warmed version of moonshine and watching a single, green, laser-light dancing across a cement wall to traditional music that’s being blasted from a speaker at unsafe decibels.

That is the type of experience I look for.