Need Photos?

If you need images to show off your destination, tour, event, activity or business (such as a hotel restaurant), I’m available for hire.



What is your rate?

$250 day rate, $150 travel days.  You are responsible for covering costs to get to your location (if over 25 miles from my current destination), any overnight lodging, and depending on the situation, food.


What do I get from it?

You get high-resolution, edited images for your exclusive commercial use for 1 year.  After 1 year, the images become royalty free unless a new contract is signed.   You also have the ability to purchase usage rights to any other images I produce during the time with you for a discounted rate.

The number of images you get under the exclusive contract will depend on the nature and length of the shoot, and will be agreed and signed upon beforehand.

I may also write about you on GoingNomadic, or share my adventure across my social medias (depending on the gig).  Want something else, just ask.


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