Going Nomadic Answers Your Questions–What’s Next


Sammy Corfield, who goes by the handle @travelpoop on twitter, and who writes from Sammys Generic Blog, (LOVE the names by the way), asked me recently:

Where are you going next and why?

Well, Sammy, in less than a month, 




Ok, it’s really because I fell in love with a guy down there; Diego.   And because I’ve wanted to live outside the USA since I was like 15.  And because it is awesome seeing animals in real life that you have only seen on the Discovery Channel before. 


poison dart frog in Colombia, frog with tadpole on its back

Looked way to Discovery Channel for me to want to touch!
Which is good. ‘Cause it’s deadly.


And because I’ve been away from Diego for 7 months. 

7  long, celibate months….

‘But what about traveling?’, you may ask.

Oh, I plan on doing a lot more of that.

I’m starting off with a week in the sunny, Caribbean paradise of Cartagena.   I’m super excited to announce I am partnering with  JetBlue, and flying their new New York City to Cartagena route and meeting Diego in Cartagena.

There, we will visit the tourist part of the city to check out all the cool old buildings (because you have to if you go there), get molested at the mud volcano just north of the city, get a tour of Cartagena by Diego’s friend who is a local (awesome!), lay around on the beaches and go swimming in the ocean (this will likely be done quite a bit), and see what other mayhem we can cause.  

There will be many ridiculous beautiful photos and videos.  But all for work mind you. Don’t go thinking we are just there to goof off  and have a good time.  This is all part of serious research I need for bloggy stuff.


dani blanchette, zombie, makeup

Blogging is serious, serious business. So are zombies.
So I decided to combine the 2.


After about a week in Cartagena, we fly back to Medellin where we live.  My plans after that include doing things I didn’t get to do last time in Colombia. 

Things like:

  • paragliding,
  • visiting the coffee area,
  • seeing Caño Cristales (the most colorful river in the world),
  • visiting Guatapé,
  • photographing the very northeast part of Colombia where the desert sands meet the ocean
  • attempting to rent a car to drive around Colombia and photo it    *This may not be financially or safety-illy(?) feasible yet.  We will see.

We will also be working on getting Diego his passport and papers so we can start planning a trip somewhere awesome, and international together.


But yes, for now, I’m heading back to Colombia for a boy.  I boy I desperately want to have sex with again.


diego vasquez is sexy, man with sunglasses

This is the man I’m moving back to Colombia for.
Sexy, no?

Hope this answered your question, and sorry for the blatant promo about JetBlue.  I’m just excited about it!