HOTEL PATRICK on Juan Griego, Venezuela – REVIEW

Hotel Patrick is in the town of Juan Griego on Margarita Island in Venezuela.  It’s a Caribbean beach town , and Hotel Patrick is a Caribbean beach hostel/hotel.  You get your own room and bathroom (most with AC – you specify if you want one of the fan rooms or not), but the rooms open into an open-air garden and bar lounge area that gives hotel Patrick the privacy of a hotel with the social interaction of a hostel.

Showing off front sign for Hotel Patrick, Margarita Island, Venezuela

Vanna White-ing the front entrance to Hotel Patrick


And at hostel prices (well $20 a night, but Venezuela is more expensive than most other South American countries, fyi)

Michael (Mick)– the owner of Hotel Patrick and a hilarious and gregarious Irishman, lives there with his family and they are the most helpful and friendly people, and he rocks.  If you need anything Mick can help.  He is from Ireland and speaks perfect English and Spanish and can help translate.  There is a pool table, tables and chairs (the garden is open-air – but the lounge/bar is covered so its fine to sit during rain and work with no worries).  The lounge/bar also has 3 prong plugs (USA style) for laptops and such if you don’t have a 3 to 2 prong adapter like me (in the room there are outlets too, but my room only had 2 pronged outlets)

stitched photo of entire bedroom of Hotel Patrick, Juan Griego, Margarita Island, Venezuela

The private bedrooms at Hotel Patrick


There is a kitchen, but it for Mick and his family.  But there is plenty of food, ranging from cheap and economical to fancy all within a couple blocks.  Across the street is a wonderful little home-restaurant where the women cooks in her kitchen and you can eat on the sidewalk at tables.  The menu there changes to whatever she has to cook for you (meat with delicious rice and a salad) for 30-50 Bolivars.

There is also a main shopping area a couple blocks down the street where you can buy needed items to souvenirs, and early in the morning is the fishermen market and you can go watch, buy, or just photograph the fishermen (and be loving called GRINGA or PHOTOGRAPHER for the rest of the week you are there by said fishermen).

Fisherman's hands butchering fish at the fish market of Juan Griego on Margarita Island in Venezuela

Fisherman butchering the fresh fish at the morning fish market down the street from Hotel Patrick


The showers are not super hot.  There is a black slide button on the top of the shower head that alters the temperature of the water (and if you are short like me, you cant see or reach it without a chair), but Margarita Island is a Caribbean island and lukewarm showers mid-late afternoon are wonderful (and they help keep the sand fleas from nibbling your kneecaps..and ankles).

Private bathroom in Hotel Patrick. Juan Griego, Margharita Island, Venezuela

My private bathroom at Hotel Patrick

There is also a laundry line outside in the back of the garden where you can hang clothes you wash in the shower.

The locals beach (not as blue) but 10 min walk down the street.  another approx. 15 min walk past that is Playa Caribe – a more touristy, but blue beach with bars, cafes, food, and some great ceviche, and beautiful beaches.  It is recommended to take a taxi here unless in a larger group because you do have to walk through a small area where there is no houses or stores and the road is under construction (and since I travel alone and with an expensive DSLR, I took taxis)

The Caribbean Sea at Playa Caribe on Margarita Island, Venezuela. Crystal blue water and sky

The crystal blue water and sky of Playa Caribe.



Hotel Patrick is a wonderful beach accommodation that makes the best it can with what it can get in Venezuela (Venezuela is not a super rich country.) But Hotel Patrick is like many beach resorts all over the world.  It is not 5 star, it is homey, comfortable, sociable yet private, and with that wonderful laid back island feel.  Best part – Mick and the staff at Hotel Patrick are much more interested in how you are doing and if you are having a good time than money money money.  They want you to relax and be merry while you stay with them most importantly. 

I recommend Hotel Patrick to ANYONE who wants to visit Margarita Island.

bar and lounge are inside Hotel Patrick. The owner's daughter is playing with a remote on the floor.

The interior of Hotel Patrick. This is the bar and lounge area. And thats the owner’s adorable daughter playing on the floor.