I’m Going to TBEX in Toronto


flying into miami

TBEX, or the Travel Blogger Exchange conference is held a few times a year in varying cities in North America and Europe.  Having never attended a travel conference before (but wanting to) , I decided a couple days ago, if I want to continue making this blog awesome for you, I need to network and spend the little money I have going to TBEX in Toronto. 


And suddenly the awesome Kate McCulley, from Adventurous Kate, announced she was selling her early bird ticket!

Let me tell you how quickly I jumped on that (yea for keeping Facebook on way too much).


So now I’m going to TBEX!

It’s been less than a week since I bought the ticket. I still have to figure out:

  • How I’m getting to Toronto from Medellin, Colombia (I’m looking at JetBlue from Cartagena to JFK, and Amtrak to Toronto).
  • Where I’m staying in Toronto (so if any of you have any hookups, I will sing a song personally thanking you, and post it on my YouTube Channel: GoingNomadicTV )
  • How I’m getting back from Toronto (looks like I’ll be in Vegas for the month of June working, because I’m going to be broke after this trip)
  • Where I can buy copious amounts of Ramen noodles, because that’s what my budget currently allows for food.


ramen noodles

But, despite all this, I am super excited to be able to finally attend my first travel bloggers conference!   (I mean, I am also the girl who moved continents with less than $2000, and last year changed continents I traveled to 3 weeks before my trip.  So really, is anyone surprised I bought tickets to Toronto on a whim?)


My goal for TBEX is to make contacts and develop long-term relationships with tourism boards, travel companies, and periodicals, so I can keep bringing you interesting articles and photography.


Some of the things I would like to do:

  • Meet tourism boards who want awesome photos/videos for their website.
  • Meet tourism boards who are interested in showing off local’s loves (places that make people want to stay in, and move to, said destinations).
  • Network with people looking for writers and photographers.
  • Meet companies who offer unique travel/adventures/products that would like to sponsor posts on Going Nomadic.
  • Talk with tourism boards interested in providing press trips to promote new destinations or events that are not popular with tourists yet (or promote sides of  destinations that tourists rarely see).
  • Hopefully make some progress on a couple projects I have started to formulate, but I’m keeping quiet about…for now.

And of course –


(so if any of you know any great venues or band I should check out, and who will be playing the end of may-beginning of June week, let me know).


I am super excited to be attending TBEX in Toronto.  Now it’s just figuring out the little details. 


If you want help me get to Toronto, (and possibly eat more than Ramen),  there are 2 really cool things you can do:


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So TBEX and Toronto, here I come!  I can’t wait to meet everyone, see some old friends, and discover what is new in the world of travel.  I also can’t wait to finally visit Canada and get some cool photos of the city (and hopefully also the countryside).