Making Magic


I’ve been teaching my friend in Medellin to cook.  It started on Christmas when we made meat sauce and apple pie.  Recently I taught him how to make one of the best, easiest desserts ever…RICE KRISPIE TREATS. In his neighborhood he doesn’t have stores that carry all the imported foods (and by all, I mean the small selection you can actually buy in Medellin)…so we used what we could get…


ingredients laying on the counter before making rice krispie treats; colored marshmallows, choco-krispies, and butter

The ingredients. Not quite the same, but what we could get at the store.

Making these treats is super simple…you melt butter in a pan, add marshmallows, stir over med heat till marshmallows melt, stir the cereal into the melted marshmallows, then try to get the mixture into a plate/pan as quickly as possible before it cools and all sticks to the pot Sort of like this:

pan after cooking rice krispie treats, with marshmallow and cereal still stuck to the sides

Making rice krispie treats gets a little sticky

You’re going to want to line the plate with tinfoil or something as this mixture is quite sticky.  Especially ours.  We kind of used a lot of marshmallows (like double).

choco-kripie treats cooled on tinfoil in a round pyrex pie pan

yes, we made round krispie treats. Everything we did is ‘almost’ correct

Then you just wait a few minutes for the mixture to cool while you clean up…or…while you practice for the Marshmallow-Mouth-Catching-Olympics

catching a pink marshmallow in his mouth.

Diego showing off his marshmallow mouth skills


a profile view of catching pink marshmallows in your mouth

Diego showing a side-view of his mouth marshmallow catching skills. Just so you can get the full effect of his talents.

Once you’ve caught a few marshmallows in your mouth, the mixture is now cool and you can cut it into pieces and eat it.

finished krispie treats on a blue plate on a metal counter

The finished product. it was delicious for ALMOST using the right ingredients

So, how did these multi-colored Choco-Krispy treats turn out?

trying krispie treats for the first time

First bite….so how is it?




pointing at chocolate krispie treats and smiling.




(This post is in no way sponsored by Rice Krispy’s, Choco Krispy’s, marshmallows, or the Olympics.)