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Where is a good place to shop in Vegas?  I hear that a lot.  Yea, we have malls, that have all the exact same stores you are going to find in every other mall across the USA.


Want a real Vegas shopping experience?  Head downtown to the corner of Commerce and Wyoming streets, to Sin City Picker.  This vintage/antique/art/gigantic shopping building has everything you never knew you needed.

“But what does it have?”, you ask.


What Doesn’t It Have!?!

To give you an idea, here are photos of some of the things I found the day I visited.

metal spider decor for the home

Spider Home Décor.


old victrola with green felt top, old record player



car boucy baby toy, baby toy, sin city pickers

Cool baby toys


jeweled butterfly broaches and pins, vintage jewelryfancy cufflinks on display table, assorted cufflinks, vintage jewelry

Vintage jewelry


vintage purses and hand warmers, fur, vintage accessories

Fur muffs (hand warmers)


old cameras, antique camerasantique video camera, vintage video camera, reel to reel video cameracloseup of old camera face, antique camera closeup

Plethora of old cameras and gear


glassware with uranium, uranium infused glassware glowing under blacklight

Radioactive glassware

(it glows under backlights due to Uranium added to the glass)


betty boop ceramic pieces, vintage betty boop novelty items, betty boop tea cup, betty boop coasters

Betty Boop


botero like man and woman statues, fat couple, black and white people carvings

Botero-esque pieces


lifesize male mannequin, male statue in military uniform and beret, life size manmini elvis playing guitar, statue, little statue, man in pink shirt, guitar

Men of all shapes and sizes


el pato, tomato sauce can robot, robot, homemade robot sculpture, found object sculpture

Tomato Sauce Can Robots


star trek pop-up cards, trouble with tribbles, goingnomadic, dani balnchette, captain kirk, william shatnerstar trek birthday card, star trek novelty, captain picard, data, whoopie goldberg, enterprisecrystal glasses with star trek item in background, spock, lenoard nemoy, star trek, goingnoamdicstar trek movie, the search for spock, vintage movie formats, goingnomadic



toys, the flash, collection of vintage toys, old toys, miscellaneous stuff



metal sculpture with animal antlers, plastic jewels, metal coins, and a gold bra, weird art, goingnomadic, sin city pickers

And whatever the hell this is!


So if you like strange, vintage, unusual and awesomely unidentifiable objects, head down to Sin City Pickers on the corner of Commerce and Wyoming Streets in Las Vegas.


Sin City Pickers

10 West Wyoming Street, Las Vegas, 89102
+1 702-366-9166
[email protected]