The Leviathon – Riding The Largest Roller Coaster in Canada


This trip was part of a sponsored trip into Central Counties, Ontario, but as you will see all opinions are my own.   Who knew there was such cool stuff to do just north of Toronto!?!  PS: This video isn’t family friendly.  Sorry.

I may love adrenalin-y things, like flying helicopters, driving ATV’s, and playing with dangerous animals in the Colombian countryside, but I am NOT a fan of rollercoasters!

But you all seem to be a fan of me doing things where I can potentially maim myself, or go plummeting at high velocities towards the Earth.  So when I was told that part of a Central Counties, Ontario press trip I was going on went to Canada’s Wonderland, home to Canada’s largest/fastest rollercoaster – THE LEVIATHON – I knew I had to ride it.

Not because I wanted to, but because I am pretty sure you would all hunt me down if I didn’t.

So I went on it. And videotaped it.  And as you may notice from my intro, I am kind of petrified. You are welcome.


View from halfway to the top of The Leviathon. You really do get some beautiful views from up here, you know, when you’re not cursing yourself for agreeing doing this.