The Mile – Meeting a Michael Clarke Duncan Impersonator


I did a photo post last year about some of the characters you meet when walking around Vegas.  Kiss, the many Elvi, and a slew of other people dressed in random, trending, and sometimes totally nonsensical costumes.  Though fun to watch, many are mediocre or can do the outfit but not the whole shebang (Mexican Darth Vader for example.  Second he talks the allure is ruined).

But a few days ago I met The Mile.  Not only does he look like Michael Clarke Duncan, this guy sounds and smiles like him too!  It is the whole package!  Even better, this impersonator – who his friends call Tank (gee, I wonder why…just look at him in the video below) – is actually a sincerely nice guy!

So without further ado, here is a 30 second video of me geeking out to the coolest character I’ve met in Vegas.  Below the video is his Facebook page and where you can hire him.



The Mile–a professional Michael Clarke Duncan impersonator



You can find and follow The Mile on Facebook at

You can hire him through