Things I Learned Driving in Ecuador – Street Signs


Street signs are all over Ecuador, but after driving from Quito to the coast and back I have learned what these signs really mean.  So I am going to teach you the real meaning of Ecuadorian street signs for your next Ecuadorian road trip.  (Which I highly recommend. Ecuador is beautiful and driving here is fun as shit, especially if you grew up driving in Boston, MA like I did.)


speed limit sign in ecuador. 30km per hour

Go slow? HELL NO!

= “Go at least 60.  But you will still be passed at 100, so you might as well just go 100”



100Km/h speed limit sign in Ecuador with 'Sharp left' sign behind it

We dare you to go this speed!

= “There is probably going to be a sharp turn or giant monster speed bump we are not really going  to warn you about up ahead, so you probably want to slow down now”  (see turn in background where there is actually a pretty sharp, downhill 90degree turn)




yellow traffic sign showing speed bump ahead

Speed bump ahead? You decide.

= “People are about to jump in front of your car to try to sell you shit when you slow down for the gigantic monster speedbump…or there is actually nothing coming up and we are just fucking with you….Have Fun Guessing! – Ecuador”



yellow 'Windy Road Ahead' sign on mountainous street

You’re Gonna Have Fun!

= “You are about to have WAY too much fun!”




white 'Do not pass' sign on road in Ecuador

To pass or not to pass? That is the question.


= “Totally pass”



yellow, people walking sign that looks liek a people dancing sign

Invisible People Silly Walking Time

= “ITS SILLY WALKING TIME…  Why?  Because you will not see a school, or a person for that matter, anytime in the near future”



yellow cow sign next to field with a white horse

That doesn’t look like a cow to me…

= “By ‘cow’ we probably mean ‘horse’.  Most likely ‘burros’, and they will be in the road.  But highly unlikely you will ever actually see a cow anywhere near this sign.”


I hope these explanations of Ecuadorian street signs help you out for your future trips in Ecuador.  Have fun driving!