Top 10 Female Travel Bloggers I’d Totally Turn Lez For

Top 10 Female Travel Bloggers I’d Totally Turn Lez For

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My first encounter with will Peach was a link to a blog post called 10 Travel Bloggers I’d Go Gay For.  I personally thought this was brilliant.  So now that I’ve been at this for a bit, and have had the opportunity to get to know online or in person, some of the fine lasses of the travel world, I feel it is my turn to tell you the top 10 female travel bloggers I would turn into a drunken frat party college chic with. 


Cause I can people, cause I can.


1. THE HOGGA –  the brilliant mind that brought you The Traveller World Guide and ChickenChunk

Lindsay Hogg

I would let Lindsay, or THE HOGGA, as I like to call her, give me the ultimatest tongue lashing…if you know what I mean.  I think she would just use her snappy sarcasm to completely turn me into her bitch.  And I am totally cool with that.  I’ll be your submissive little whore for a night. 

Do what you please Madame.  I follow your command.



2. Erica Kuschel from Over YonderLust

Erica Kushel - Over YonderLust

I’ve met her. I’ve given her a hug and felt her ample bosom pressed up against my non existent chest.  And you know what?   I’d like to feel her boobs again….in my mouth!  And she’s all tattooed to boot. That is just hot.  Cause you know it’s true that all tattooed girls are freaks in bed. 

I did get drunk with her once, in a foreign land, yet somehow didn’t rip her shirt off and motorboat those titillating mounds of sexiness.  

Total…Fucking… Fail!



3. Lilliane Cobaio from Wanderlass

Lilliane Cobiao - Wanderlass

Not only is she super sexy with a banging athletic body, she is also a super sweetheart and funny.  So yes, I would totally get you drunk and turn drunken college frat chic on your ass. And then not call the next morning.  Maybe take you down a notch, cause no one should be that hot AND that nice.  ‘

It’s not fair.  I’m calling bullocks.



4. Alexandra Pucherelli from Fluent in Frolicking

Alexandra Pucherelli

Just look at this photo of this voluptuous beauty intertwines with a gigantic snake.  How can you not say, “This is totally fucking hot, and I want to rip that sassy red dress off your smoking hot booty and spank you till you scream?” 

You can’t. You just can’t.



5. Will PeachTravelSexLife, The Gonzo Traveler and a whole slew of enticingly erotic sites

– “But Will Is A Guy!’, you say?  I beg to differ.  I don’t think any of us really know what Will is, well, besides a heaping pile of oozing hormones and mysterious orgy filled fantasies.  Take this photo for example: 

Will Peach

Can you even tell which one is the man?  I sure can’t!

He makes a pretty convincing girl to me.  And from what I hear, he’d totally let me be the man for the night.  He does have the reputation of being pretty indiscriminate and up for anything at least once.  Just keep that wig on and everything will be alright Will. 

I’ll be gentle….maybe.



6.Adventurous Kate 

Adventerous kate

1. She is from Boston, where, as a Boston chic myself, I can assure you our reputation for being a bunch of domineering, bitchy, whores, who are fun as shit in bed, is pretty much fact.

2. You say you are Adventurous?  I challenge you then to an adventurous night of seeing how many places we can have dirty girl on girl coitus around Boston before we get caught. 

You say you will say yes to anything….


7. Abby Tegnelia from Neon Jungle Princess & Diana Edelman from DTravels ‘Round

Abby TegneliaDiana Edelman

Oh, putting 2 people together under one?  Why yes, I, am!  We can have another wine picnic, only this time, pair our wine with sandwiches…you two are the bread and I’m the filling baby!  

Lesbian orgies on a picnic blanket in the rain…we don’t call this place Sin City for nothing!


8. Sally ThelenUnbrave Girl

Sally Thelen

I would eat dumplings off your glistening nude Unbrave dumplings all day!   Pants don’t fit? 


There is no room for pants in this fantasy anyways.   A night together would be totally ful-filling on so many levels.


9. Candice Walsh from Candice Does the World.

Candice Walsh

Just the title of her blog tells you what a dirty, little, red-head she is.   Her post on  “What’s it gonna take to be a sexy travel blogger?”  took me aback. 

Candice, you are the hottest, fire-crotched, travel blogger I know of, and I would stuff your hot turkey sandwich of a body in a second.  That’s right.  I’m working on some bloggy stuff in my underwear right now too.  How ‘bout we get together and make some bloggy stuff magic. 

Underwear not required.


10. Jiyeon Juno Kim from Runaway Juno

Jiyeon Juno Kim - runaway juno

I love this girl.  She always has the biggest, most beautiful smile in every photo.   I would love to see this smile in person…between my  thighs!  Yes, I would make your sexy Korean ass smile in ways you never thought imaginable.

I promise, you will be running to, not away, from this fun time!



So this is, in no particular order, (cause honestly I’ll take them all on at once if I get the chance)  the top 10 (ok 11) travel bloggers I would totally turn into a lesbian for!