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It is that time of year again when we dust off our backpacks and begin packing for our next adventure and visiting Australia is a once in a lifetime experience! Whether you are looking to experience the beauty of the coastline or you want to tough it through the bush, the country holds some of the most unique experiences found on the planet.

If you are planning your adventure to the land down under in 2013, then instead of choosing from traditional Sydney hotels, why not take the opportunity to check out some of the most unique accommodation that the country has to offer?


Desert Cave Hotel

We’ve all had that childhood fantasy of dragons living in caves, but what if you actually had the chance to stay in a cave, that is dragon free of course? The Desert Cave Hotel in South Australia is nestled amongst an Opal mine, where if you are lucky you can actually have a go at finding some rare gems yourself.

Now cave dwelling may conjure up images of sleeping on cow hides, with no toilet and just a camp fire to keep you company, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The rooms are exquisite and that is no exaggeration. They have all the modern items that you would expect from a hotel room, en suite bathrooms, Wifi and in house movies along with excellent lighting – it can get pretty dark down there. It doesn’t just end at the rooms though; the hotel also has a fantastic pool for some cave swimming, a bar, a gaming room and numerous shops – you can basically live like a king in a cave man’s dream.


Kooljamin Camping

If you have memories of childhood camping trips that were cold, damp and uncomfortable, then I ask you to erase them now! This is camping with a difference, you may still get the bugs, but you will have warmth, comfortable beds and a bathroom, then Kooljamin Camping is the site for you this year. Nestled in the Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia is remote, unspoilt luxury camping at its best. The accommodation is a cross between a tent and a log cabin; built high off the ground, the wooden structure gives you a great balcony with views of the ocean, whilst the rooms are spacious and cool. Each tent consists of a queen sized bed, with two singles also available, a BBQ, private balcony, bathroom and a fridge/freezer for keeping those drinks cool. However, if this doesn’t appeal then there are also safari tents available on site as well as some of the cutest log cabins money can buy.

Finally, due to its remote location you may find you want to stay onsite during your trip. There is a restaurant serving traditional Australian food, which can also be delivered to your balcony. There is also shop for basic items you may need and the beautiful paradise beach.


Canopy Tree Houses

If you are looking for a holiday where you will quite literally become one with nature, then you have to get yourself over to the Canopy Tree Houses right in the middle of the Australian rainforest. So, for starters you will have to have a head for heights to stay high amongst the tress, but don’t despair as they also have cabins available on the forest floor. However, if you do fancy taking on the tree house then you will be in for a very pleasant surprise. Each tree house offers two luxury bedrooms, a fully kitted out kitchen, spa bath, BBQ (be careful near the trees) and the best bit, your own personal hammock. If you decide to keep your feet firmly on the ground, you will find all the same facilities as well as a wood burning stove. However, you will miss out on the once in a lifetime views of the rainforest.

The best bit – you will have the chance to witness some of Australia’s wildlife in their naturally habitat! Forget zoo’s; here you can get up close and personal, from the elusive platypus through to possums and a whole host of animals in between.

Australia offers some truly unique places to stay that will only enhance your travel experience. Have any others to add to the list?


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