Back the the U.S of A

Yup.  You heard right.  Im back stateside.  Back to Vegas summer weather.

I miss Colombia!

I am already planning on going back.  I am also planning starting a new reference site for Vegas.  And I am sorry if there ends up being any heinous grammer, spacing or spelling errors here, as I am writing this little snippit from my phone.

There will be a bunch more posts about South America still, but I will also be throwing in USA stuff again.  So stay tuned.

Things are coming soon, but first i need to get settled in.  10 months away…I have a few more impt things to do here before I get back to my blog.

Look for new posts mid week.

In the meantime here is a little video of ants going nuts in the Colombian countryside i took with my phone.  Sorry if it sucks.  This is also my way to test out how the photo and video uploading abilities of this wordpress blog app are.