Best Store Ever


Oh yes, I have become a affilliant.


 Seriously, do you have to ask with ads like this?


ThinkGeek is hands-down my favourite store ever!  I buy almost everyone’s present from  I have a whole bunch of ThinkGeek Points too I can use to exchange for some awesome stuff.  Awesome STUFF LIKE…



Personal Soundtrack Shirt

A shirt that plays theme music!

You can walk down the street jamming the  Saturday Night Fever theme out your chest!


Canned Unicorn Meat


Canned Unicorn Meat?    Why, FUCK YES!, please!





LED Faucet Lights


LED FAUCET LIGHTS – because who DOESN’T want their water to:

1. Glow in the Dark

2. Show you, IN COLORS, what temperature the water is


Seriously, ThinkGeek.comis the best store ever.  And im pretty sure that is a fact, not an opinion.  And even if it is an opinion, you have probably realized by now that my opinions are filled with awesomeness and should probably just be regarded as fact.

So if you want to find all sorts of amazing things you never you needed, but always wished exist, go waste invest a couple hours or more of your life to the wonders hidden inside these webpages , head over to

Oh yea, they also have a bunch of pretty awesome AND extreamly useful travel gear too. But thats a whole other post AND

Extreme Monkey-Powered Awesomeness Enclosed Shirt








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