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I recently decided I want to answer questions from my fans, readers, friends, and anyone who wants to ask.  These can be silly or serious, about travel, music, or me as a person, I don’t care. Just not math questions.  I really am not in the mood for math.

I’ve been asked a couple questions so far, but this particular question I feel deserves its own blog post.  This is a serious question from a friend of mine and I find it highly relevant.

The question?

Do you ever regret (even in the slightest) falling in love in Medellin?

They went on to say:

I ask because, as a once-solo travelling chick myself, I sometimes miss the freedom of being the sole dictator of my own path (despite it being totally worth it because [name omitted] is kick-ass…)

I was wondering if you ever share the feeling? And on that note, when you finally become a travelling duo, will you be the alpha?

Do I regret falling in love…


I mean, I never meant to fall in love.  I sure as hell wasn’t looking for it, and was quite enjoying the single life.  But being in love is the greatest feeling ever.  I love hanging out with Diego, and for some reason he seems to be able to handle my craziness awesomeness.

i bang shit hard, bang her like you kidnapped her

Do miss being the sole dictator of my own path? 

No.  I mean, I still very much am.  You try to stop me from doing something, and I will definitely go out and do that thing, just to spite you.  Diego doesn’t try to stop me.  I mean, he can try, but it won’t work, and he’s aware of this.

He did try to stop me from doing stupid stuff in dangerous areas at first,  and I just made fun of him for worrying like my mom.  Then one day, he suddenly [thought he was being slick when he] learned that if you tell me I shouldn’t go do something ,somewhere, by myself, I will 100% go do that something, do it alone, then post photos of me doing it all over your Facebook page just to be a bitch.


If he asks, “Can I come with you?”, I will say “OF COURSE!” and delay my plans until he can come with me.  I see it as someone to have even more fun with, he sees it as a way to make sure I don’t get mugged. 

Diego is either encouraging my stupidity; like when I decided to video myself doing the Running Man throughout the metro in Medellin,  or is at least by my side for it; like bringing my expensive camera into one of the most dangerous barrios in Colombia to photograph the escalators while they were under construction.

I haven’t run into a situation where being with him is a hindrance, and don’t see how he ever could be.  I still do whatever I want.  Now I just have someone to share it with, to help me document the awesomeness, and to encourage me to ‘just go for it’ when I get self-conscious or shy.

Besides, I want to share doing stuff with him.  I love his input and ideas.   He’s the one who brought us into the Colombian countryside the first time, planned our last minute trip to  Santa Fe de Antioquia and he’s the one that set up me seeing the biggest buñuelos in Medellin (I should probably write about that soon, but you can see one in this post).  So he helps me on my path, because it’s really OUR path.  We both want very much the same path, so it works.

diego and me in the countryside


Am I the alpha? 

Yes.  Ok, sometimes.  I’m at least damn well going to pretend that I am!  Actually, my best friend, after hearing me talk about Diego, posted on his Facebook,

“You sound like the male version of Danielle”.

Diego’s response?

“Actually, I’m more like the female version of her”.

Yup, he knows his place!

(Or he was making fun of me for always acting like a dude, but I’m going with the first one.)

We seem to complement each other quite well, love each other for who we are, and totally support what each other wants to do.  I’ve never for a second regretted falling in love, and I find being with him actually enhances everything I do.  I know I wrote a post about Why I Like Solo Travel; but it turns out, I love traveling with Diego more!  Plus we both hate touristy things, love music, and make it work where we differ.

(For example: I want to go paragliding when I go back to Medellin; Diego has so kindly offered to photo and video me doing it… from a safe spot on terra firma.)

Plus I can’t ever regret a man that makes me coffee every morning, hot cocoa every night, and calls me an “Oil-eater who thinks everything south of you is Mexico anyway”.   (PS.  Diego is now ‘Mexican’.  Feel free to call him so).

Diego dressed up like a mariachi , ballong in background

Anyone who can take my shit, and give me that much back, I gotta love!

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