Home-Swapping and How To Win a Home Exchange Membership


My friend Jeremy Jones atLiving The Dream just started a contest giving away 10 memberships toHome Based Holidays, a home exchange program.  Though I am lucky/unlucky enough to not own a home or condo myself, I know many of you do, and probably feel this hinders your ability to travel. 


Well it doesn’t!



This is not a house from the site. I just needed a pretty photo. This photo is courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Home swapping is basically switching homes with another home owner, in another city or country.  This cuts down the high cost of lodging when traveling, and let’s you leave your home, without leaving it unattended.  Home Based Holidays is one of the biggest, and most reputed home exchange sites, with members in over 90 countries.  And yes, there is a $50 fee to sign up, but Jeremy has teamed up with HBH and is giving away 10 memberships for free.



Just imagine:

“What if you could exchange places with another traveler to not only cut out accommodation costs when you travel, but have someone at your own house taking care of things for you while you are away?”

Head over to Living the Dream for the full details on how to enter

(its easy, with lots of options so you can choice what’s right for you).

He is also offering a discount on membership for anyone who doesn’t win.

Owning a home or condo does not mean you are stuck there.  Use your home to your advantage to make travelling cheaper and easier.



Good Luck!