I’m Going for the Best Job In The World

So some of you may have heard of the Jauntaroo Best Job in the World, which is basically a $100,000 a year job to be Jauntaroo’s new Chief World Explorer.

This is the link to my video:


It sounds like all fancy fun and games, but being a travel blogger, photographer, and video girl, I am very much aware of all the hard work, crazy hours in front of a computer,  and long nights that this job will entail.

But it will also mean I can travel more AND earn money doing it.  Which in turn means I can finally afford to live, oh, on the SAME CONTINENT as my husband, Diego!

Basically this whole post is just me asking you to please click the link above and go like my video.  There is no signup or anything to like it.  You just hit the “LIKE” button.  You can actually hit it once per 24 hours through Sept 15th if you so much desire.

You may also share said link with all your friends, families, and old school teachers too.

This job is a real job.  The winner of the job is not picked by popular vote, but getting likes and stuff shows Jauntaroo that:

1. You have a social media presence and/or know how to use social media
2. You put effort into things and understand the actual hard work that is going to come with this job

So if you would please, go to the link:


and like the video!

Cheers and Thank you!

And as a thank you, here is a photograph of me with in in glasses and a moustache while wearing a green, bedazzled, tiger-head tee-shirt! me moustachey