Gay For Vegas


(Ok, so I received a request asking if I would be interested in writing about things to do in Las Vegas if you are gay for  To me it was the first time  I’ve been asked to write something I feel I could write about honestly, and still be relevant to my travel blog. Why?  Cause I’ve already written a whole bunch of things about Las Vegas and the burlesque community.   So here is my What To Do In Vegas If Your Gay That Doesn’t Involve the Fucking Strip sponsored post…)


I love Vegas.

Vegas loves everyone.

Gay, straight, transgendered, cross-dressers, cross-gender impersonators, EVERYONE!

But the blog post I was lead to, to read about things to do if your gay in Vegas,  talked only about the Fruit Loop area, and talked badly about the gay men, and gay things to do in Vegas.  If you read the article  ( at ) it could be about ANY NIGHTCLUB – GAY OR STRAIGHT.  Obviously, this person doesn’t like clubbing.   (Neither do I).  But why is it that every post about what to do if you are gay only seems to talk about the gay nightclubs?  Its Vegas…





Live Burlesque in Las Vegas neon sign, with cha cha velour and miss karla joy

Miss Karla Joy and Cha Cha Velour holding their ‘Live Burlesque in Las Vegas’ sign.

Yes, I am a staunch advocate of getting your ass off  The Strip in Las Vegas, and although the Fruit Loop isn’t technically in The Strip, its like one block behind it and close enough.

If you are gay, and want to do something in Las Vegas, AND… like some people…  hate clubbing or what amounts to cattle herding parties, I highly recommend checking out the many burlesque shows (and no, I’m not talking about the ones in casinos.)

I’m talking about Cha Cha Velour’s Live Burlesque in Las Vegas, that happens at Boomer’s Bar on Sirius Street (just west of  The Strip). Or Grind House Burlesque.   Or one of the shows hosted by Miss Karla Joy or Goldie DeBloomers.

These shows are not just for straight men with female performers. We also have great performers like Rick Dickulous, Ban Fosters, and see some of the burlesque legends like the ever glamorous Dusty Summers perform.

See men, women, men who dress like women, women who dress like men, women who dress like men dressing like women, etc. , etc.  And the audience is just as varied as the stage performers.  There is the most amazing people you will ever meet here, and if you want to see another side of Vegas, and meet other people outside of the club scene…going to a burlesque show in Vegas is a great way to do it.  Gay or not.

poster for burlesque show called The Man Show

This show was hilarious!

(an example poster from one of the shows, and one of my favourite shows so far)

You can see some of my other posts in which I mention things to do in Las Vegas off the strip too in F&*k The Strip, and Free Things to Do In Las Vegas Part 1  and Part 2.

Yes, these links are not about gay-specific adventures….but since when are homosexuals limited to only going to gay-specific nightclubs?

Gay or not, get gay (happy) in Vegas!