Ichigo Ichie–Fine Sushi in Franklin, MA


plate with restaruant napkin and chopsticks

Coming home for the holidays, I discovered a new restaurant I’ve never seen before. Ichigo Ichie in Franklin, Massachusetts.  This sushi house/hibachi grill is amazing.   Ignoring the hibachi (where the chefs come tableside to create your dinner with flair and fire), we opted to sit at the bar and go for just the sushi.

beaded glass wall separator inside a restaurant.

We walk in the front doors and past a waterfall that glows with changing colored lights.  I bet this looks spectacular in the daytime when the sun shines in through the tinted windows, but at night it lacks something.  I’m thinking another nice soft whitish light coming up from the water to highlight the waterfall a bit more would make it perfect. 

sushi menu

Inside, the reception is separated from the bar by a crystal drop mobile style wall, which opened the whole place up.  At the opposite end of the room, the sushi chefs bang out delicious and artistic sushi plates.

 sushi chefs

The four of us dining all got a couple different ‘special’ sushi. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was not the masterpieces that came to the table.  Colorful, creative, and absolutely delicious pieces arrived in front of us.  The best way to describe the food is just to show it…and yes, they all tasted as amazing as they look.

spinach salad being eaten with chopsticks


Sushi Rolls

sushi with yellow sauce on top

sushi with orange and red sauce in shape of a volcano

I didn’t try the hibachi, but there were 2 other separated rooms in the back, one for the hibachi table.  Ichigo Ichie also serves a fine selection of warm and cold sake (we got one on ice), international fine beers and a plum wine.  They also have a full bar to get whatever you desire (including a scorpion bowl in a martini glass with gigantism.  I didn’t get this, but I saw a couple of girls across the bar order it.  MMMMM…..)

sake being poured into glasss

Ichigo Ichie is a little pricier than other sushi places in the area, but the quality, selection, and imaginative designs of the sushi are well beyond most other places.  This is high class sushi in a small Boston suburb.  Well worth the price and highly recommended by me!

restaurant sushi and liquor menus