Gift Giving Traditions


I received a cool info graphic in my email yesterday, about various gift giving traditions around the world.  I thought I would share it with you.  I would like to know what you think about these gift giving traditions.


Gift Giving Traditions Around The World 

I think this infographic is pretty cool, but Diego tells me that the example: ‘Don’t give scissors or a knife as a present in south America’ is not totally true

South America is a big place, and not all countries feel ill will if someone gives them sharp objects.  In Colombia, for example, they just think, “ Hey, I just got a cool new set of sharp knives.  Awesome!’.

I would like to know if you have, or know of any other cool gift giving traditions that you have run into; or if you feel any of the traditions here may be generalized or wrong.    It’s all about learning people.


Learning, and a big fat guy that rides magical flying quadrupeds, magically slides down your chimney, then whom you bribe with cookies and milk to leave you gifts.   Well, at least in my tradition. 



I received this infographic  from the awesome people at Cloud9Living, as something a traveler as myself may find interesting.  Which I did.  So I’ve decided you may also find it interesting and I am posting it.  This post is not part of the sponsorship I received from Cloud 9.  They are just really cool people who thought it a nice idea to give us something relevant to our business and the holiday season.

 Thank you Cloud9!  Happy Holidays everyone!