Danib is Going Nomad. Episode 8.9

So yes, I am going nomad.  WTF?  oh, its exactly what it sounds like and not a surprise at all to the people who know me.  Actu, they are prob saying “What took you so long?”  I love to travel.  I don’t care that ive only done it once.  (well out of the country at least – I was ‘voluntarily homeless’ building concert stages around the USA for 4 years).  Ive wanted to travel and take photos since I bought my first camera at 7.  im now 31.  ive been slacking on this.

So I am selling everything I own (save for my DSLR, a laptop, a few clothes, and a couple sentimental heirlooms from my dead relatives) – and leaving the country this September.  Indefinently.  Seriously – im selling everything.  My car I just payd off 2 month ago? – selling (have a few interests in it).  My brand new kick-ass gaming desktop cpu I just bought in Jan? – selling it to my sisters best friends (aka my other sister) who is a graphic artists in desperate need of a banging cpu. my laptop – ok, it’s a POS and ill prob be lucky to get $50 for it at a laptop store.

all my clothes – selling or donating.  my awesome asian style dishes – selling.  my books – selling what I can, donating the rest.  That’s pretty much my story – im selling everything I can to help pay for my worldwide – go till you run out of money – trip.  And ill donate the rest.  Maybe ill bring some cool photos of america and vegas ive taken, or a few of the cooler band shirts ive amassed and bring those with me as swapping items/thank you gifts.  But im really not going with much.  I can buy extra clothes if I need.  ill only need 1 or 2 pairs of pants, a few shirts, socks, underwear, and a sweater and jacket.  and one pair of shoes.

So yes, I am, for the most part, getting rid of all my worldly possessions and roaming the world, taking photos of the culture of the places I go, and the strengths and feelings of the people I encounter.  I was an anthropology major (never finished – one day I will), and I love to learn about why someone thinks a certain way.  Not how do they think, or what do they think, but WHY do they think and all the language, food, emotions, ideals, etc that come with the WHY.  and I like to photograph this.  yea, im going on a trip to photograph the abstract – but that’s what travel/cultural/documentary/photojournalistic photography is – it’s the emotion of where you are at that moment in time.  And that’s what I do.  Or what im going to be doing.  So I damn sure hope im as good at it as I hope I am.  and that sort of makes sense, so I hope you get what im trying to say. Hope.

(And if you havent figured it out yet, I write like I talk.  and the more im typing/rambling, the less capitalization and punctuation I use.  and the worse my spelling and grammer get.  though I do create my own words, thus evolving the english language.  if shakespear can do it, so can i.  The reason  I DON’T have my college degree is because I kept failing english)

.  Im so American, I cant even speak one language! HA!

So yeah, this will not be a Pulitzer Prize winning blog or anything. Ive actually never bogged before, but figured I should start one before my trip.  But this blog will be all about my travels (and the insanity of going all mother teresa on my stuff beforehand) and the people I meet and the kickass places I go.  And it will be supplimented with many many photos of my journey.

im a photographer, not a writer dammit!

(I am also a HUGE Star Trek fan!) YES!

So get ready for long journal entries like this because I will prob only write once every evening (im going to see things, do stuff, and photograph.)  I will also, hopefully, figure out this wordpress thing by the time I go too so I can make my blog page look slammin.  (I am so using a stock windows photo right now.  don’t care.  ill make this awesome soon enough.)

*Mother Teresa kicked ass by the way.   ok im not sure if  you should use the words ‘ass’ and ‘kick’ to describe Mother Teresa…but she did.  I don’t care what your religious beliefs are-because I certainly don’t go to church – but she was awesome.  And no I don’t by any means think im mother teresa.  mother teresa would not use words like ‘ass’ and ‘slammin’ and all the other descriptive degregations I will come up with along the way.  ‘going mother teresa’ simply refers to ‘giving away your possesions’.  that’s another thing I like to do.  use people’s names as actions.  also changing parts of speech of words is another fun thing a do.  like “Im a master at Spellation”.  yeah.

so this will be fun and amusing on all sorts of levels