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So as many of you who follow me on social media may have seen, we’ve been trying to get Diego into the USA so I can show off my country to him.

Well we just found out: Diego does not qualify for the tourist visa.  He got denied.


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Why?  Not totally sure.  They said if we had applied for the fiancé visa he would have been approved, although, online, we don’t qualify for the fiancé visa.  On the official websites there seems to be contradictory information (even within the same website), and the ‘La Migra’ agent who interviewed Diego said that there are new regulations (so the information online is basically out-dated).

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Visas are way confusing, and Diego doesn’t even want to immigrate, just visit.  But looks like we may have to talk to an immigration lawyer anyway, just to figure out what is easiest.

(If anyone happens to know any immigration lawyers who can help a broke gringa, please let me know!)

It sucks, but on the bright side…


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In October I will be heading back to Colombia for about 3 weeks, and


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Yup, the 3-day, free, music festival, Altavoz,  that happens every year in Medellin, Colombia, is taking place this year November 2-4.  And I will be going!!! (and hopefully taking photos).

So it sucks I cant bring Diego around the USA this fall, but at least I get to go back to Colombia.  I know Diego will be happy about this because it means he gets to eat my cooking again!

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