Getting Zombifyed in Medellin

Medellin, Colombia put on a zombie march (similar to the ones in the States) and a couple weeks ago I got to be a zombie in the promo video for their Zombie march.

zombie girl with holding up metal horns

Metal Zombie

For anyone not familiar with Zombie Marches – its basically a bunch of people get dressed up like zombies and ‘uuugggh..brraiiiinsss’ march/lurch down the middle of a street for no other reason than zombies are awesome!

So what is it like to become a zombie in a Colombian zombie film (mind you, my Spanish is pretty much non-existent).

zombies attacking a girl behind a gate

Zombies Attack!

Well, its messy, hilarious, full of charades and yelling ‘TRANSLATOR…AQUI’ to the one girl who spoke beautiful English and could translate some directions to me, lots of silly zombie dancing in the streets between takes, getting elbowed in the nose during the ‘feeding’, jumping at cars (and getting a big smile and thumbs up from an 80 year old woman in the back of a cab), chasing pedestrians as they passed through the shoot (because for some reason people feel the need to meander through a group of random zombies…those people would SO not survive a zombie apocalypse. let me tell you), and basically just a lot of random chaos, hilarity, and at the end, a great film.

girl zombie eating another girl

Feeding Time

I have been posting a bunch of photos on facebook about the Zombie video shoot, and since I seem to have chronological schizophrenia on my Going Nomad page, I have decided to just do it on my blog too (last post I was in Ecuador, now I’m in Medellin, next I’ll be back in Venezuela somewhere where I actually started my trip 2 months ago…get over it).

Dani Blanchette walking like a zombie in a movie in Medellin

Me zombie walking during filming

The Marche de Zombies in Medellin happened November 6th…and once again, I missed a zombie march by less than a week (I couldn’t time it to stay for the march).  But, I did get to get all gross and bloody, and make a bunch of new friends.

Being a zombie was an amazing experience and one step closer to one of my lifelong dreams…to be a zombie in a full length zombie movie (yea, I have goals).  I’ve been a zombie in a movie (during a Halloween was not a zombie movie), and now I’ve been a zombie in a short promotional zombie video. 

Now I just have to be a zombie in a full length zombie movie and I’ve completed my life goals towards zombification checklist!


PS. ALL THESE PHOTOS IN THIS POST ARE TAKEN BY HAROLD SMITH (because I was obviously too busy being in said video to photo).  Harold is from Medellin and an amazing photographer.  Check out his work on his website at

and look him up on facebook at Harold Smith .  He is one of the photographers I met at Altavoz Festival in Medellin and I love his work.  He is also for hire.  Just saying.

group of zombies from viewpoint of the victim

me and the rest of the zombies surrounding the photographer

If you want to see the final Zombie march promo video you can check it out here.