Why I Like Solo Travel


me on red rock

There are many pros and cons to be a solo traveler.  So why do I do it?

Cause I’m a deuche.

That is why.

I want to be able to go where I want, when I want, and not have to deal with someone else’s moaning, whining or desires.  Really!  It’s fun to travel with people you meet in hostels and stuff, but really…I want to be able to say “ SEE YA” when what I want to do, is not, what they want to do.


Cause I like to stay in some days, and go out with no plans and see what happens on others.  I like the ability to say,  “Yes, I would love to go do this crazy thing with you right now” and not have to worry about someone else. 

I go to rock shows, randomly bounce out of the room (yes, I bounce) to go follow the sound of creepy carnival marching band type music I hear outside on the street,



I like to get ‘kidnapped’ by my friends with no idea where I am going, who the other people in the car are, and when I will be back.  And I like to be in a city for a full week (or month and a half ) without ever seeing a single damn touristy guide book thing.  (I also don’t carry a guidebook.  If I need info I go to Lonely Planet and such online).

Why am I like this?

Cause I’m kinda a brat.

And I am unapologetic about this. 

Its easier to get invited to things when you are just 1… (especially when you are 1 solo gringa chic in South America).  And I’d rather meet people and make friends and hang out like I would at home when I travel.  There have been a couple times I’ve been able to go to places (like the Colapso Show Fail Of Awesomeness) because I could smush into the backseat with 3 other people..but if I was with someone else, there would not have been room for 2 more and I would have had to stay home with said hypothetical travel partner to be nice and caring and crap.

There are still some touristy things I feel I must do,


but I’d rather go see them with local friends  than because my guide book says I should see it. (above here: my friend and Couchsurfing host brought me on a locals guided tour around important Caracas buildings, like this at the House of Representatives… and I loved it!)

But usually…I just don’t care.  I live in Vegas, one of the most touristy places in the world.  I work in the casinos there.  I have to deal with touristy crap and crowds every day. (See my LOCALS GUIDES TO VEGAS and F*%K THE STRIP posts).

Why do I want to do it on  holiday too?

Yeah, sometimes I wish I had people with me.  Like on a 50 hour bus ride from Maturin, Venezuela to Bogota, Colombia with no money and not speaking Spanish.  (still haven’t wrote that post yet.  Still scarred).  That would have been nice to have a friends with me on.  But for the most part, solo travel is better (for me).  Because I can do things like :  blow off half my South American trip to go back to Quito and Medellin for the music festivals and rock shows (see my IM A HORRIBLE TOURIST post).

Yup, I’m kinda a bitch. 

I want what I want, when I want it.

That’s why I travel solo.