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Do you like the photographs found here on Going Nomadic?

You can buy or license many of these photos at:

La Gringa Photos  


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La Gringa Photos is my, Dani Blanchette’s, new photo store and portfolio site.


Why La Gringa?  


Because no one can spell Dani Blanchette.  And because everyone in South America knew me as the gringa with the camera.

Neus , dani blanchette, la gringa photos

You can buy music and travel photos and photo items at LaGringaPhotos.com.  

You will soon be able to license photos for commercial use through this website too.

Not all photos from Going Nomadic end up on La Gringa Photos.

 If you ever see any photo on this site you would like to purchase or license, please contact me through the contact form here or at LaGringa, and I can accommodate your wishes.

I am also available for freelance work. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

So check out La Gringa Photos and purchase some lovely travel and music photos for your friends.  The more you buy, the more photos and silly stories I can give you. 




-Dani Blanchette,

a.k.a. La Gringa