How To Use A Western Toilet


western toilet sign

A sign on a toilet door in Tanzania.

Directions are always helpful when using the loo.

This photo was taken by Steve Fabes.

Stephen Fabes wetsernsign and survivor sign

5th January 2010, central London. Steve Fabes waved goodbye to friends and family and began pedaling – he has been pedaling ever since. He is now over two years, 30 countries and 30,000 km into his mission to cycle the length of six of the earth’s continents and regularly takes on some of the most adventurous bike routes on offer. He is also a freelance travel writer. Some time in late 2014 Steve will return and who knows what travails he will have endured to reach this frontier, although it seems likely that he will be sporting an ungodly amount of body hair and blurting out the insane ramblings of someone who has become more calf muscle than man.

Whatever the case, by this point he hopes to have surpassed his target and raised over a pound per mile for the medical aid charity Merlin.

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