Back in the USA


Yup, Colombia kicked me out.   My 180 days of the tourist visa ran out and i was told to either change my visa, or I need to leave because I have been there too long.

So I left.

I didn’t want to.  i just didn’t have the money to stay.

So now you will be seeing some posts from Vegas showing up again.  I still have a ton of stuff to tell you about South America, but first I need  to get myself settled in Vegas.

So give me a week and I will have a bunch of posts for you.   I promise.

And a food porn video of me geeking out to food that I have missed these last 10 months I’ve been gone.

So yes, there is a delay in posts (you have probably noticed I already stopped posting as much over the last couple crazy weeks in Colombia.  Sorry, I was working on reformatting my cpu, loosing some photos (luckily not of events or anything I can’t redo – BUT BETTER – when I return to Colombia in October), and trying to actually get back home before I became illegal in Colombia….again.

So bear with me for the next week please.

I promise, the wait will be worth it. (ps: I’ve already started taking photos for the first Vegas blogpost.  See, I haven’t forgot about all my lovely followers yet!)