It’s a Tie!


So for the last week I’ve held a vote between 5 experiences that Cloud9Living offers, that you – my awesome readers – want to see me do.

The final result?

IT’S A TIE!!!!!


I have a tie for the winner between:

Drive an Aston Martin and Fly a Helicopter!


felicopter flying in front of mountains

fancy car, aston martin, in desert








Dammit!  I can’t choose….I want to do both!!!!

So I guess I’m going to have to have some sort of tie breaker.   So for the next 24 hours, through midnight on Monday, Oct 9th, I will be listening and tallying up blog comments, Twitter and Facebook to see what I should do.

So here is the deal:

Go read the original post

Leave a comment there. Or here.  Both works.

Or tell me on facebook at:
Or on Twitter at:  @GoingNomaddanib

I really can’t decide.  I didn’t expect this!

It’s been helicopter and skydive neck in neck, and within the last 24 hour a huge surge in Aston Martin appeared.  And I’m not going to lie, I really want to do both…Unbelievably much!!!

I mean, when will I get another chance to fly a helicopter OR drive an Aston Martin again?

So lets see what happens on the social media front of this.