Photography Website Closing Down

Overview of landscape in hillsides above Medellin, Colombia

May 16th,  will be shut down.

   This shut down will be for a couple months or so.  My website is up for renewal; but I am opting out of renewing and here is why:

1. I just don’t have $100 to spend to renew it right now.  Stuff came up in Colombia and I haven’t been able to get to work like planned.  So I need that $100 to help get my ass home by May 19th, when my visa runs out.

2. I just learned MPIX (the company my photo website uses) DOES NOT ship outside the USA.  And I think that’s just bunk.  Especially considering half my readers are from South America and other parts of the world.  MPIX doesn’t even ship to Europe.  I am not cool with that.

Warao boys playing on the side of the water

Warao boys in the Orinoco Delta, Venezuela

I will still own the domain name, and in the next couple months will start it up again.  I need to research and test out other websites and printing companies.

I refuse to use places that let you order prints online then have it picked up at a variety of places; like Wal-Mart for instance.  I will only sell quality prints and items to my clients; so it will take a bit of research to find another place with high quality prints.

(I am also open to suggestions if you have any)

So yes.

MAY 16th DANI BLANCHETTE PHOTOGRAPHY will temporarily close down. 


Ocean bluffs in Manta, Ecuador

This website;, WILL NOT change!

Its just my photography website. I will still be bringing you crazy stories of this trip and published great photos during the shut down.

~If you would like to order any prints, I suggest you do it before MAY 16th!~

I will always be available to offer prints; but after the website closes it will be more of a process, and more expensive (due to I have to print and ship them myself…and I am not a large company with bulk quantity shipping deals like MPIX is.)

IMG_0790 Stitch

Wine vineyard outside of Santiago, Chile

Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause, but after this temporary hiatus, I will re-open with the ability to offer prints outside the USA, and hopefully more quality items too.

In the meantime,  I am going to get a temporary website set up to view photos (but not buy directly) during this hiatus.  

If you would like to buy photos directly; I again encourage you to do so BEFORE MAY16th.

  Details of the new website will be posted shortly. 

And you can always see what I am working on on my facebook pages:

travel related stuff –

music related stuff –

Thanks, and again, sorry for any inconvenience.

Dog sleeping in sand on the beach, with ocean waves crashing behind him

Dog sleeping on the beach in Valparaiso, Chile.


-Dani Blanchette