Living Around The World–Blog Carnival Edition


I hosted my first blog carnival.  If you don’t know what a blog carnival is, it is when you pick a topic (like “Living Around the World”) and ask bloggers to submit articles that relate to the subject you wish to talk about.  I wanted to know about articles about life from various places around the globe, written by either people who live in each place, people who have expat in a place, or people that have visited a place long term.   I want to learn about life in other cultures, countries, discover new blogs (not all travel related) and read other blogger’s point of view.

It’s amazing to me the little nuances and differences in how people live.  Take in Alaska for example.  Meredith from Snow and Mist told me about, in her post Maktak (which is a snack of whale skin and blubber), that in Alaska, children are allowed to bring knives to school, as long as that knife in an ulu.

In Close the F***in’ Window,  Daniel Mcbane writes a hilarious story about two elderly gentlemen fighting over the status of bus windows while commuting one winter morning in Shanghai, China.


Theodora Sutcliff from Escape Artistes, told me all about a wild night in a bar in Katmandu, Nepal in her post Lula from UK.   This post is comes from the middle of an ongoing, and hilarious story of mishap, and getting illuminated (aka: s-faced drunk) with some Gurkahs while traveling.  This post is not-so-safe-for-work, but oh-so-funny-and addicting I recommend going back through the posts and reading the whole story from meeting them in Lukla.

In Renovation Stay-Day-Cation, Heather Blanchette (yes, my sister) writes about a day trip to the ocean with her husband and dogs to escaped from the toils of her current home renovations.  Her blog, Like A Cup Of Tea, is all about homesteading and living in the countryside in Maine, USA – quite the opposite from me who travels the world, but she has the same dry, and witty amusement in her posts as me, and her photos are amazing.

Suz Crawt, from The Paleo Network,  writes her thoughts on Indonesian life and family, and how she observes them in her post Are We Too Developed.

And to round up the Living Around The World, I received 2 posts about France.  In Correr Es Mi Destino, Zhu writes all about The French and Their Bathrooms and how she doesn’t take any bathrooms fro granted anymore.  Leyla Giray tells about New Years Eve celebrations in Seyssel: The Last Day of the Year in a Small French Town.  This post is full of gorgeous photos from the countryside of France.


These posts give some insight to life in various places around the world.  If you want to get your culture on, and see some various views from locals, expats, and visitors around the worlds, I recommend you check out these posts and follow these blogs.









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