Top 10 Ways To Procrastinate While Still Being Productive


I am a master of procrastination.  And I’ve worked very hard at becoming such a master.  Here are some of my tricks for procrastinating writing your blog, while still being productive.


Social Media Landscape by, on Flickr
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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon(If I were to name them all separately this would quickly turn into ‘Top 100 Ways To procrastinate Writing Your Blog’…and honestly, I’m just too lazy to do that).  You can spend hours, upon hours on social media.  And just think,  you are  promoting your blog and making contacts while doing so.


2. YOUTUBE.Going Nomadic YouTube channel screenshot - showing video of a capybara

Whether your thing is cute cat videos or the mutli-hour Stephen Lynch hour (funny ass comedian with more than wrong song/skits about his agingGrandfather andJesus Christ’s brother),  YouTube is hours of useful entertainment.  I mean, how do you know in hour 5, you won’t stumble upon a video that inspires a great idea for a blog post.  Plus you are keeping up on pop-culture and trends. 

So keep on a’ watching!


Editing photos on CS5 screenshot

Edit Photos

Don’t feel like writing?  Why not go through the 1,000’s of photos you have.  Maybe post some to #1, or combine them to music and post to #2?  You are organizing visual aids for future blogposts.

4. EMAIL.   emailinbox

We all have a ginormous inbox that needs our attention.   So go check your email.  Maybe write a few replies.  Maybe click on a bunch of links.  You never know what great deal you may find.  And you are cleaning out your inbox.  Yea productivity!


male maid moping the floor in rubber gloves and a headscarf.

Clean your House

Its really hard to write when you are staring at a dirty floor, a messy bed,  or hear dishes in the sink calling you.   So go clean.  You are removing distractions.  And now that your domicile is clean, you can go nap. 



6. NAP.

We all know its hard to write when you are tired.  You don’t want to old hairdresser sleeping at workmake grammar and spelling mistakes or write a bunch of nonsense due to exhaustion.  So go nap.  When you wake up you will be refreshed and can write.  And maybe you will have an inspiring dream in the meantime.  Just remember…you aren’t being are embracing physical and mental rejuvenation!


chicken and vegetable soup boiling on the stove

Cook – you can’t focus when you are hungry

Look, now you have cleaned, have food, and supplied your body with needed nutrients.  If you want to take a few photos while you cook, you can (tell yourself you will) now (eventually) write about said cooking experience.

8. GO OUT.

People around a table drinking and cheering at The Wandering Paisa Hostel in Medellin, Colombia

Relax with friends – its easier to write when you are drunk and stress-free

Writing is stressful.  Sometimes you just need to unwind.  So instead of staring at that blinding screen, call up some friends and go out for drinks. It can give you a great story to tell later

And everyone knows that exercising the body (like…by dancing drunkenly on bars) helps increase creativity.  Plus the alcohol will loosen up your storytelling abilities. I mean, most great writers were drunks anyway…right?

9. READ.  Kindle Wifi in Case

You can’t be a writer without reading a lot.  So go read some blogs. Read a book.  Bust out that Kindle and go sit in a local coffee shop or hostel hammock and just read for a while.  You are avoiding the actual act of writing yourself while you build those brain cells and comprehension skills.  Can’t write if you’re dumb.





Screenshot of cat video search on google

Educate yourself with free online tutorials

You are learning stuff which will help you to build-up your blog, (well, except for the actual content part).