Playing Paisa

Yes, so I didn’t blog yesterday.  Why?


I’m somewhere a few hours from Medellin, in the mountain, on a farm…WITH HORSES AND COWS AND CHICKENS!   Oh, and a Macau that keeps trying to kill me, and another that likes me and gives me kisses. (Too bad i can’t tell them apart until I get close and see if it tries tear a chunk out of me or not. )

I have a couple posts set up for this week, and will write a bunch more about this when I get back (as well as be in a recording studio for a band, and go to a play).   But for now, I’m hanging out in beautiful, sunny, green, pastures playing with machetes!

Playing with machetes in the Colombian countryside

So, I hope you are all having fun too.   And I promise I will make up the lost blog posts next week.