So Ive Actually Been Doing Stuff and Not Procrastinating Wrtiting – Ok, Ive Been Procrastinating


So there is much to write about for my blog while I’ve been traveling.  I just keep doing things instead of telling you about them, because really, if I don’t do stuff I would have to make up stories and then I would be a fiction writer, (and the following would be filled with unicorns and minotaurs).

unicorn vs minotaur

I finally did write about how beautiful Venezuela is, even with it being the only country in the world – I think –  that is actually as dangerous as the US State Travel Warning list says it is.  Which why would I believe that list.  It tells us ‘don’t go to London.  There are gangs and shit’ (ok, it doesn’t say ‘shit’)

But seriously, have you ever been to Detroit or East LA – person who creates this Travel Warning List O’Doom

Ok. I’ve never been to East LA, but I have been to Detroit and almost got jumped/mugged in my car by 6 people.  That place scares the crap out of me and I would be happy to not go back anytime soon.  (sorry Detroit, but really, you scare me…and I don’t scare easily at all!)


But Venezuela is dangerous, and beautiful…but I’ve already wrote about this so just go read my post on it here if you want.


(if I ever get around to it):

Drinking and Eating With The Locals (aka:  WTF Is This Crazy Gringa Doing?)


Getting Salsa Lessons From the Bartender on Playa Caribe.

Actually maybe I wont.  That pretty much sums it up.  I got a short, like 5 minute lesson in salsa dancing. By the bartender.  On Playa Caribe.  But since there are no photos or videos of it, it would be a rather boring post, and really…I just told you everything about the lessons right yea, I think I will skip that one.

Getting Zombifyed in Colombia

Yea, I was in a zombie video.  What cool thing have you done recently?


I’ll also tell you about a  tour I went on.  And how I learned that:  I FUCKING HATE TOURS!  Or at least this one.  The fact that the tour operator kept staring at me all creepy eyes did not help.  Or the fact that he kept calling me ‘Den-eess’.

My name is fucking Dani.  Stop calling me Den-eess!

OOOO…I may also tell you about my 50 hour bus ride (ok 40 or so hours on the actual bus, but then there were waits..yeah!).  I MAY tell you about it.  I’m still kinda scarred from it and I really don’t want to relive it (hence why I am taking a plane to Quito, Ecuador vs. bussing there).

And I will write about things I do like:

Like getting in a car with 4 guys I’ve never met, to go to some random undisclosed place in a foreign city, because someone I barely know said I should.

WHY? you ask.

Because I wanted to go to their band practice and see them play. And they are pretty fucking amazing. Unos Vagabundos. I have photos on my facebook page. Check them out.

So these are things I might actually write about if I ever get around to it. I’m lazy.  I’m a procrastinator.  OK , I’m not actually lazy usually (well yesterday I was) I’m mostly the latter.  I just would rather do actual things then be on a computer.  But I guess I should give you people something so you sign up for my blog, and facebook page (Become One Of My Minions…All The Cool Kids Are)

And sorry to any strangers who have accidently stumbled upon this blog.  But really, you could just stop reading.

So this is things to look forward to.   And if you are still reading this(and I don’t know why you still are.  You probably should have left a long time ago.  What the hell is wrong with you?), your head is probably about to explode. 


And exploding heads are messy.

Also, exploding the heads of potential minions is really kind of counterproductive.

So stay tuned.  I promise the next post will make more sense, and maybe have Minotaurs.  

(but I’m probably a liar)