Travel Bracketology


So, let us know – what country do you think is the best for independent travel, and why?

OK, so since I am (purposely) behind on this Indie Travel challenge by 3 weeks, the voting for the Travel Bracketology is almost done.   And I have never been to any of the countries in the final 4 even.  

I don’t know what country is the best for independent travel , because I’ve still only been to a few countries so far.  I’ve been to the Balkans (Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria), I spent an afternoon in Juarez, Mexico once during a day during the Rolling Stones build in El Paso, Texas, USA, and now I am currently in South America; (where after 6 months, I have still only gone to Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and spent 10 days in Santiago, Chile).  

And I guess you can count the USA too since I am from there and have traveled all over it. 

Oh, and when I was 7, my very first time out of the country consisted of me walking over the bridge into Canada (my family reunions are in a town in northern northern Maine), and get yelled at, in a language I didn’t understand (French) by the border guard for walking up the wrong side of the bridge. 


So what is best for indie travel in my opinion?

I don’t know.

But so far, Colombia is best for broke travelers (I currently have $150 in my bank acct and no desire to return to the states.   Yes, I’m broke and homeless in a foreign country…and loving every second of it).    But I have learned that you can live in Medellin for less than $50USD a week (sometimes as little as $10) if you cook your own food, shop at small ‘convenience’, mom-and-pop stores (they are cheaper than the large grocery stores), and shop in the cheaper/poorer neighbourhoods (Medellin neighbourhoods are sectioned by number levels…the lower the number, the cheaper everything is).   So go shop in Castilla or downtown instead of in Poblado or Estadio –  and you can buy the same items for half the price.  


So I can’t really say the best country for INDIE travel, but the best I’ve been to so far for a broke, homeless gringa is Colombia.

(plus the people here are just amazingly nice!)



This is part of Boots n All 2012 Indie Travel Challenge, and yes, that ending was on purpose. I’m doing this in hopes of becoming a more consistent and better travel-blogger.  And to give props to all the other voluntarily homeless, broke, happy travelers out there.  CHEERS TO YOU!