Finishing My First Trip Proposal


So I suck at writing.  Especially when its something I have to write and something I have to not sound like a tool about.

But I just finished the first draft of my trip proposal.  I am proud of myself.  It very likely is hilarious and sad – like watching 6 hours of Manny Paqueo sings Philippeano karaoke music…but I finished.  I feel like the first time I tied my shoelaces by myself. So I guess im just bragging.  I should stop.  Im not Manny Paqueo. I cant beat the crap out of anyone who disagrees with my wordsmithing skills.


Wordsmithingverb, the act of creating new words, usually by changing its known part(s) of speech or by combining 2 usually distinct words. Also includes the use of people’s names as adjectives, adverbs, and verbs.  Also known as evolution of language, disregard for grammar, or inability to use grammar correctly and tries to hide it by making shit up.

noun : wordsmith : the person who does the wordsmithing

(Examples:..just read this blog – its full of them)