Geek Travel Gear – Light Up Umbrellas


 This is another awesome, geeky travel item, from that you can’t live without.

Well, I guess actually you could, but then you wouldn’t look nearly as cool!



ThinkGeek Glowy Umbrellas

It rains, and having an umbrella is something we don’t usually think of bringing when we travel, but end up buying because it’s easier then lugging around your rain gear.   For us city travelers, umbrellas:

  • Let you take photos in the rain without totally drowning your camera lens
  • Fold up nicely for when the sun comes back out
  • Helps keep our backpacks dry without making us look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Blade Runner Umbrella:
  • Comes with either blue or white light up shafts.  
  • Now cars, people, potential muggers can see you better as you walk down the street.  
  • Helps light your way.  
  • Makes you look really awesome.
The Lumadot Umbrella could:
  • Potentially signal to flying aircraft if shipwrecked*
  • Help search teams locate you, when you run off the path, while trying to photograph that adorable wallaby*
  • Has a flashlight at the bottom so you can see bumps, curbs, rocks on the sidewalk so you avoid tripping while stumbling back to the hostel in a drunken stooper*
*None of these statements have been proven yet.; but they seem to logically make sense.

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Oh yea, these umbrellas will also keep your head dry.