Kingman Arizona – DamBar and Steakhouse Review

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What is there to do in Kingman Arizona on a Saturday night?  Go to the DamBar and Steakhouse!  No really, that’s it according to Foursquare, Yelp and Google.  And we ended up there accidently cause it looked like a cool place.


(We is 2 other friends of mine and me).

The food at DamBar was awesome! I had ribs that literally fell off the bone and were smothered in DamBBQsauce (homemade and quite delicious BBQ sauce), and a Route 66 DamBeer (a local brew).  They even had a veggie burger which Pete had.

Yes, a vegetarian (Pete)and a non-beef eater (me) went to a steakhouse.  Marcia was  one who got steak the only because we figured at least one person should get steak at a steakhouse.

Dam Dinner

They also have these homemade  biscuits that they serve that are cooked with spices in the, and served with homemade flavored butter.  They were delicious, I just wished they gave you more than one each.

I also wished the waitress we had wasn’t such a flake.  She brought us 2 biscuits instead of 3 and it took her about 25 minutes or more, until we were almost done with dinner to bring us the last biscuit. And it wasn’t busy by any means in the restaurant or bar (we ate in the DamBar side). 


In all, we had some DamBeer, in a DamBar of the DamSteakhouse, ate some DamFood with some damn good biscuits in the only damn place to hang out in Kingman, Arizona on a Saturday night.  Ok, maybe there is more to do, but we couldn’t find it.

(The Dambar also has a couple DamPoolTables for your enjoyment)

I do recommend if you are near Kingman, Arizona to go down Route 66 and get some DamBeer&Steak at the DamBar&Steakhouse. It is totally worth the stop just for those DamBiscuits!



Oh, and to take stereotypical touristy photos with the décor.