Living with the Largest Viper in the World


A Bushmaster Viper; the largest pit viper in the world; and it is from Central/South America. This one was caught on a farm in Colombia.

This is a Bushmaster; the largest Pit Viper in the world.  And I am living in its habitat!   They range all over Central and South America; but the largest of them happens to live in Colombia – same place I am now.  They are highly deadly with venom that stops breathing by disrupting the circulatory system; AND , if that’s not enough, their venom also starts digesting its prey (or unlucky humans) whole.   They are also so deadly because they have tendencies to live in rural areas (like where I am now), far away from medical treatment.

Luckily the small town; only 20 min walk away, has anti-venom.





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